Fighting Invisible Enemies

Geneva Call
12 mins - land mine advocacy - languages: English, Burmese

An advocacy film regarding necessary actions to be taken to reduce civilian casualties from landmines.
The film sought to tread a fine and blameless line between opposing armies that had been using
landmines to further both their military and political ends.

Film: Burmese Language Version

FIghting Invisible Enemies: Burmese language version

Film Brief, Budget & Credits

Film Brief An advocacy film seeking to encourage armed forces - both government and ethnic armies - to take real steps in their deployment of landmines so as to mitigate the impact on civilians and civilian livelihoods. Budget Range US$20,000+ Client - Geneva Call Duration - 13min Gnere - Advocacy, landmines Directed, Scripted, Filmed & Edited - Timothy Syrota

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