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Healthy Babies, Smiling Families

Shoklo Malaria Research Unit
4 films - 20-30 mins each - maternal health education - languages: English, Karen, Burmese

Funded by the inspiring 'Malaria Doktors', Marcus and Machteld, the most significant / important films I have made. Viewed by tens of thousands of parents on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border, screened daily at SMRU clinics along the border, in the refugee camps, inside Karen State, and at Dr Cynthia's Clinic,
Mae Sot, these films have not only been wonderfully well used, they have been used as
examples of maternal health education at conferences as far 
flung as Uganda and the Philippines.

Healthy Babies Smiling Families, Film01: English Subs
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Film 01:  Pregnancy, ante natal care, safe delivery