Iron Tin and Bakery

ADRA Thailand
8 mins - refugee advocacy - language: English

A short, simple film for donors and potential donors evidencing the impact and importance of vocational training to refugees on the Thai-Myanmar border. A pleasure working for ADRA.

Film Brief, Budget & Credits

Film Brief Film to be shown to donors evidencing the impact of funding, the importance of this funding and to encourage further support. ADRA was a pleasure to work with - there was a sense of integrity, honesty and humility that permeated their work. As an organisation, they were certainly not alone in this, but at the same time there were a number of organisations that would have done well to have taken a page - or perhaps chapter - from this particular book. Budget Range US $1-4,000 Client - ADRA Duration - 12mins Genre - Information & Promotion Directed, Scipted, Filmed & Edited - Timothy Syrota