Little Burmese Kahlos & Picassos

KickStart - ART
5 mins - crowdfunding video

Super cool project - KickStart-ART – and appropriately cool film to
support a crowd funding campaign on behalf of the project.

Film Brief, Budget & Credits

Budget Voluntary project Client - KickStart-ART Duration - 5 mins Genre - Fundraising Directed, Filmed, Audio and Editing - Timothy Syrota Script - Timothy Syrota & Felix Power Music - ElevenyFour

Director's Guff

Simply, KickSart-ART was and still is a super project. When I first arrived on the Thai-Myanmar border in 2004, art was not being taught as part of the curriculum in any of the then 20 or so Burmese migrant schools on the border. In collaboration with a few Burmese refugee and migrant artists and the help of Hannah Mundy, I established the art program on the basis of a number of considerations: the importance of art as a fundamental form of expression for kids, the absence of anything creative in the schooling of migrant children, the innate love and respect many children had for art, the desire to facilitate established artists having the opportunity to pass on their skills, and the legitimacy of art being a way of earning a living on the border at the time. I managed the project for the best part of a decade and for many years it was funded through the infamously indulgent 'Cocktails for Kids' parties and exhibitions. Great accolades to Felix and Sara who ran the project for two years, transforming it into something even cooler than it already had been. The project continues to this day, working with approximately 500 students and with one of its first ever students - John Khai - at the helm. The film. was made to both promote KickStart-ART and support a crowd funder raising funds for the project.