You Will Never Walk Alone

Thai Children's Trust (UK)
6 mins - promotion - language: English

Another short and simple promotional film highlighting the support given by the British organisation,
The Thai Children’s Trust, to support orphanages and safe houses for children on the
Thai-Myanmar border. Again, an organisation doing fantastic work with limited resources

Project Brief, Budget & Credits

FIlm Brief Film to be shown to donors evidencing the impact of funding, the importance of this funding and to encourage further support. Budget US $1-4,000 Client - Thai Children's Trust (UK) Duration - 6min Genre - Information & Promotion Directed, Scripted, Filmed & Edited - Timothy Syrota

Director's Guff

Thai-Burma border icon, Canadian Dave, who with his wife co-ran Canadian Dave's incongruous Tex-Mex--Thai restaurant in Mae Sot, always had something to say about anything that may be happening along the Thai-Burma border. In one particularly memorable soliloquy, Dave waxed lyrical about the vital role played by the little organisations operating on the border in filling the sometimes gaping maws left between the projects funded and implemented by the 'mega' aid organisations. In this mould, the TCT supported orphanages and safe houses which, while providing vital services, often struggled to receive the support they required to function. Always a pleasure to produce media for such organisations - invariably they put both the media / video and their money to very good use!