Restoring Hope


Australian Catholic University

Language: English

CLIENT - Australian Catholic University

BUDGET RANGE - US$10-15,000

DURATION - 15min

GENRE - Information & Promotion



Film to be shown to potential donors evidencing the impact and importance of funding, as well as encouraging further support, for the ACU's tertiary diploma program on the Thai-Myanmar border.


When approached about making this film, the Australian Catholic University did not have the funding to continue their two year diploma course on the Thai-Myanmar border for a further cycle of the program. It was the only internationally accredited / recognised education available to the thousands of refugee and migrant students along the border and as such provided a very real stepping stone to university entrance or meaningful employment, often with an international organisation. The teaching staff – ACU lecturers – were committed volunteers, working both remotely and with face-to-face intensive tuition. The application and dedication of students, who often worked full time as well as studying, was similarly inspiring. Consequently, and in short, it was a pleasure to make a film which was ultimately used for many years to help the ACU secure funding and promote their very meaningful work on the border.