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A Corrugated Life

The claustrophobic, corrugated iron single

room existence of a Burmese migrant family in Thailand

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A Corrugated Life_1403
A Corrugated Life_1421
A Corrugated Life_1515
A Corrugated Life_1625
A Corrugated Life_1624
A Corrugated Life_1657
A Corrugated Life_1638
A Corrugated Life_1608
A Corrugated Life_1619
A Corrugated Life_1694
A Corrugated Life_1679
A Corrugated Life_1702
A Corrugated Life_1705
A Corrugated Life_1384
A Corrugated Life_1930
A Corrugated Life_2054

One of two 'day in the life' photo stories shot in and around the industrial fishing towns of Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram, south of Bangkok, shortly after the release of a study documenting child labour in the regionThe photography was on behalf of Save the Children and facilitated by the Labour Protection Network and the stories were presented at a rights of the child conference in the Phillippines in order to draw attention to the issue of child labour in Thailand, the living conditions for Burmese migrant children, and measures being taken to improve access for migrant children to education.

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