PHOTOGRAPHY  Some commendable international photojournalism & sports photojournalism awards which is wonderful, but I began taking photos - and still take photos - because I delight in both the process and the excitement of discovering that I have taken good - sometimes very good - picture.  GO TO GALLERIES 

FILM  Director of more than 20 films - documentary, advocacy, education, and promotional including the feature documentary, Burmese Dreaming, A Documentary Poem.  GO TO FILM DIRECTORY 


A media company, a philosophy and a dream, with a particular focus on social, political, humanitarian, and environmental issues and an attitude which involves never forgetting to take a smile and a sense of humour along for the ride. ABOUT THE COMPANY 

FEATURED FILM - The MIGRANT WARRIORS  A national boxing champion, an illegal Burmese migrant in Thailand, trafficked, exploited, a sportsman, a traveller, a philosopher, a jailbird, a Rohingya and ... well, he's one character in one hell of a migrant story ...  READ MORE

WRITING Like photography, an ongoing pleasure - expression through the commingling of thought, perception, emotion, humour, with the beauty and intricacy of the written word, and then putting it down on paper.  TO READ MORE


FEATURED GALLERY  A Corrugated Life: an intimate insight into the claustrophobic, cement and corrugated iron life of a Burmese migrant family in the industrial fishing town of Samut Sakhon.  GO TO GALLERY 


Blog  Ruminations, rumblings, grumblings, mumblings, transposed dreams, piffle, waffle, the cynical, the absurd, the satirical, waxing lyrical. Self indulgent? Possibly. Amusing? Possibly. Honest. Always. Be your own judge.  


ABOUT TIMOTHY  Author, reportage photographer, film director, humanitarian, who has, and continues, to delight in producing media.  GO TO BIOGRAPHY